Random Thoughts enduring a slow Streamyx internet connection

I’m not even in the mood to upload a picture.  I miss the wonderful connection I experienced while I was in Germany at the hostel room I stayed in.

I’ve been having problems accessing my Gmail account the whole day! (That’s in addition to a few days …  last week!)

Ok … The good news which balances the bad experiences above for today is when I got a call and found out some working situations have improved.  I don’t know whether I had anything to do with it.  But, it’s good to know there were changes.  And if there was any nudge on my side, then I’m amazed with the power of asking a simple question.

The haircut felt good.  I noticed lots of white hair in between the black hair as the hair dropped in front of me.  After the whole haircut, my conclusion …  wow.  this is pretty short ๐Ÿ™‚

Some intense reading did me some good today.  But I still need to get down to some writing.  The writing will help me get some focus and direction towards the end goal of my part-time studies.  It’s been very hard, but I would like to persevere. Another 65 pages to go …

It was encouraging to hear  some words of appreciation from the Student group who uses our church premise almost every week for their meetings. It’s kind of like their mini-home away from home with other fellow pilgrims as they prepare to enter the educational institutions which shape the future of our nation.  I’m simply happy that we were given a chance to play some role to providing some space for them to worship, fellowship, learn and grow.  Nothing fancy, only what’s necessary.

Physically, I’m still tired from the about 8 hour meeting yesterday, and the 3 hour afternoon meeting the day before, plus the few hours of preparation before the two meetings.  Now, there are times when meetings can become a waste of time and we just beat around the bush and not get to the point of what needs to be discussed and decided.  Thankfully, that was not the case for the past two days.  Overall, I think we were good stewards of our energy and intelligence.  Now, it’s on with the work!

On second thoughts, even though I’m not happy with the internet connection.  I think managing to read what I’ve been delaying for one week has been redemptive.

Three conversations.  One face to face.  Two on the phone.  It was good listening and sharing moments. The first pretty extended which included life stories, personal reflection and sharing of pain and frustration.  Humbling to be given the honor to be a recipient of such gifts.  At times, I wonder whether I can handle the amount of information coming from such conversations.  This round, I managed.  I’m aware there were other times, I couldn’t handle so much.  The second asked for ideas and opinions, and then we went off tangent and talked about surrounding matters of concern. Again, I’m in awe how we could talk so openly when in normal circumstances people in our positions might avoid this. The last was a nice little information which encouraged me … because I wonder why am I placed in some contexts and not others.  When in doubt, I wish I could have spent time doing something else (like my much needed reading for my studies).  But good news of “change” helped me find some worth being there.

For now, I’m not in a mood to over analyze or have a great commentary on the events thus far.  It’s been a pretty good week thus far, with a baby born in between all these events and thoughts (note: not our baby yet, another church member!).  So, even though physically I’m tired,  mentally frustrated with the internet connection, spiritually and emotionally I do feel inspired.  I’ll hold on to that for now ๐Ÿ™‚

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