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Since I’m in the Malaysian Theological Seminary now, I’m inspired by the excellent Seremban Omellete and throw in a few more links.

Emerging Church TV

Thanks Charles Wear for this … I’m watching some now 🙂

Stackhouse to Carson on the Emerging Church: Leave Me Out of It

The amazing world of the internet allows for a quick clarification on a footnote … awesome. But, it’s more to it than a footnote. It’s how one is quoted.

DA Carson versus the Emerging Church

Someone asked me (or passed me news) about Dr. Carson’s seminar in Singapore recently. Frankly, I’ve moved on from this debate. I really do think I prefer to spend my time doing more constructive pursuits.

John MacArthur versus the Emerging Church

I’ve never been a fan of John MacArthur, and I suppose he’s a sincere man and desires to be faithful to what he believes to be right and true. But seriously, … I think I shall remain silent.

Intro to the Mosaic Stream of the Emerging Church

Now this is worth some serious engagement. 🙂

My Thoughts on the Emerging Church

Insightful …

“The truth is we don’t know what exactly the emerging church will become. There is a great effort to try to divide it up into categories. I suppose I understand that desire from the vantage point of good people who simply are trying to understand what is going on out there among Christians and they need to have it broken down for them.

The problem I see with the categories, however, is that they appear like a helpful tool but it’s just not that cut and dry. There are no teams yet. They may be forming but there are a lot people just getting into the game, or showing up at practice or just signing up to play.

The danger that I see is that people, particularly Americans love to quickly categorize people so they can either turn them into a celebrity or a demon. We really don’t want to read what they have written or take the time to get to know them. We simply want to know what category they fit in so we can pronounce our judgment if we disagree with them or subscribe to their podcast if we like what they said.”

The Open Secret of emergent Theology: Reflections from Austin emergence 2007 Panel on Theology

Why This Matters: A personal moment at the Austin emergence 2007 Panel on Theology

Wow … these are pretty long blog posts titles. Other links here –> Thoughts on the Emergence Austin Event

7 Loving Challenges for Emergent

Ouch … this can be a real trap. We need to watch out.

Let’s avoid the trap of the “enlightened bourgeoisie.” These are the folks who meet at the bar and grill and drop 25 bucks per person on drinks while they talk about issues of justice. These are the people who only have other bourgeoisie friends but believe that they are on the side of migrant and the working class. Yes, yes, you can have money and follow Jesus. But you can’t have money, be disconnected from the “least of these,” and follow Jesus.”

Mark Driscoll’s Critique Gets Mixed Response

Personally, I think imported controversies are distracting. I’m posting this up just in case people ACTUALLY are following these kind of things over here. Lord have mercy.

The “We’re In, You’re Out” Mentality

After this you would want to read more, and there’s more to this quote …

“I believe one weakness in evangelicalism that the emerging church is responding to is evangelicalism’s excessively rationalist approach to truth and salvation that birthed a stubborn “we’re in/you’re out” mentality. There has been an impulse in evangelical fundamentalism towards (a) an intolerant judgmental exclusivism, (b) an arrogant, even violent, certainty about what we do know, and (c) a hyper-cognitive gospel that takes the mystery out of everything.”

Me, Myself, and Jesus

“… the gospel is not about getting something, it is about participating in something—God’s work of reconciling the whole world to Himself. And yes, we do have a relationship with God which becomes personal but it is inseparable from His mission.”

Emerging + Missional = Emergissional

I’ve always seen both words in close relatedness even though they have their different nuances. Dan has an interesting comment:

“To my best understanding the emerging church and the missional church are very much the same. But when you talk about the “emerging church” there is also a stream of conversation which focuses more on pragmatic changes—like worship gathering and helping younger people connect with worship. That is part of it, but it is far more than just making changes in the worship gathering, it is a philosophical way of being a Christian and being churches sent into the world. Personally, I use the terms “emerging church” and “missional church” interchangeably. They are synonymous conversations. But not everyone sees them that way.”

The Future of the Emerging Church

I suddenly realized I haven’t been doing these emergent/emerging church links for a long time. And I’m intrigued by so much that has been written.

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