Random Thoughts in Seremban

Cool drink

Right now, I wish I can have the drink above to quench my thirst.

It’s not nice to know there is someone who impersonated me and left a comment on a friends blog …  I think it’s rude. I wonder where does one get the time to do all this. And the energy?

It’s pretty quiet here.  A bit of forced solitude tonight.  Delightful.

The phone is on .. and not in silent mode.  It’s a strange feeling as we expect our third child.  I almost forgot how it felt after Elysia was born. Now, the cycle begins again.

As far as the name is concerned, I’m happy we’ve pretty much finalized it.  The Chinese name is 99% confirmed.  The English name still a little unsure.  But I think we’ll decide on Sunday!

Work seems to be overwhelming to many people I’m in touch with these days.  It’s hard not to go down because of stress and pressure.  It needs a lot of centering to actually keep some level of calmness in the midst of daily storms.  I personally really think a healthy spirituality helps tremendously.  But the tragedy is many people seem to not see that as the first thing they need to pay attention to.  It doesn’t cry out for attention immediately, but the lack of it shows when we’re stormed with burdens.

How do you know someone is a show off?  What about arrogance?  Is it the way we convey ourselves?  Maybe we really think other people are stupid?  So,we know quite a bit.  We read some books.  We have above average critical thinking abilities.  But what really sets us apart?

it’s almost 11pm.  There’s a number of things I need to do. Read one chapter on Luther’s political ethics.  I’m finalizing a special bonus message relating some of his ideas on the “2 Kingdoms” and see how that connects with us in the light of our socio-political situation.

then, there’s a little guide I’m wondering how to draft out for a bible study series based on Peter Young’s book on Christian social responsibility.

Identity is one aspect we are a little far behind in our self and social understanding.  But because so much has been going on lately, social transformation has become top on the agenda in our daily thinking. Sadly, most of us are still trapped in our own privatized thinking.  The personal and the public may be distinguished but never divided.  In fact, many things in life can be distinguished for clarity sake, but cannot be divided in concrete reality.

Life is full of battles,  many of them are internal.  Some are external.  But it’s still lots of battles.  And when one is in a battle, alertness is key.

Revolution can happen dramatically … and in the level of the mind, it’s impact maybe instant .. and truly revolutionary.  It sparks often in my own experience.  But revolution in the mind may not translate in the same way in every day life.  Often, that experience is more like evolution where change is more gradual perhaps until some tipping point.  Both are change.  Some people their thinking change process is more evolutionary.  And we all hope for revolutions for the better here and now.  And yet, they often don’t happen that way.  Then again, life is unpredictable .. even when we try to master the probabilities before us.

I’m still thinking about the green drink above!

I can imagine the taste in my head.

I miss the kids and their mummy.  Fingers crossed, and some prayer in terms of the timing of baby no. 3’s arrival.

2 more minutes.

Parenting.  Marriage. Family. Work. Spirituality.  Theology. Relationships. Feelings.  Development.  Evolution. Revolution.

Fill in the blanks _____________ It’s ok to desire a good life … a pretty good one. But let’s not forget to live it while we are desiring it.  While aiming for a goal let’s not miss what we may not have been aiming for at all.

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