Bersih Beginnings?

Bersih in Solidarity

It was hard to just follow what was going on via an on and off Malaysiakini LIVE reports: The Bersih rally. Occasionally, I even had to check out the Harakah Daily. Sonia’s Adventures in Wonderland had quick takes as the clock was ticking. There were some updates via SMS and mobile phone conversations scattered here and there.

Throughout the whole time I was in constant prayer for my friends, church members and all those present there (or which ever station they moved from). At times, I could over hear sirens and was guessing what was going on. It hasn’t stopped raining yet.

Frankly, my concern and worry was heightened because even before the whole walk to the palace, I overheard misinformation all over the place. Some said it was a racial rally, others claimed it was another Reformasi protest, and the list goes on. Of course, the strong police and FRU presence raised the concern another notch.  I know they are under instructions and doing their job.  It’s more like, just in case anything unhelpful happens.  Then it will turn ugly.  All the people I knew who went, and even if I could go would be people who are peaceful and yet people of conviction.   This is no mob of irrationality or violence.  In fact, some of us would even say, our faith commitments demand that we participate in causes which are to benefit all.  Other’s might draw from their own ideological resources.

As for the purpose of the walk I thought it was clearly stated in the website and information packets –> Here’s the temporary site (since the main one had been hacked and also has been down today). It was about a fair and just electoral system. Plain and simple. Complicated stuff can be debated at another time. This is one cause all of us can lend our support too. This is not a partisan issue. Or am I too naive to say that?

Anyway, so far I’ve heard the rally and walk achieved what they had set out to do today (I gathered there were some arrests and we will need to get more information on that later). But for now, we know the road ahead is still a distance in the details. This is not supposed to be the end, could it be a beginning of change for a better tomorrow for ALL?

I believe that there’s many lessons to reflect on, more prayers to be uttered, and loads of reflective action to be considered and implemented. So help us, God!

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