Random Links 189 (Bersih Malaysia “Reloaded” Edition)

I only have free TV at home and was intrigued by how the mainstream news portrayed the Bersih Peaceful Rally. A friend told me Al Jazeera had a different take. The contrast is quite evident.

Tear gas fired at Malaysian Rally

Here’s the first news report I read.

Malaysia Police Turn Water Cannons on Protesters

And a second.

Take action!

It’s confirmed there are at least 20 arrested, and Sonia’s blog mentions 15 names.

Yellow Day!

Rocky has some pictures here.

40,000 protest for free and fair elections

This little phrase caught my eyes … “Protests are rare in Malaysia” . Since it’s rare, that’s why people sit up and pay attention when something like this happens. I noticed quite a number of protests the last 2 years. A Malaysian cultural distinctive is that all have been peaceful as far as I know . that’s why I was puzzled when the news had a little “after report segment” which equated what happened today to sure violence. Good to hear what Haris Ibrahim had to say in the interview (which paints a different picture from what I saw on the mainstream news!). One thing for sure, it was a first for many. Another thing is sure, I have “reloaded” insight on how the media works. 🙂

Interesting Map report

Literally a birds eye view.

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