Christmas at The Curve

Christmas at The Curve 2

It’s nice to have a look at the place we will sing in the coming two Saturdays. Our assigned dates are December 8th and December 15th both at 6pm onwards. The Curve has really spiced up the deco. My favorite is actually the little house they built … I love houses, because houses reminds me of “Home”

Curve Home

The setting is actually perfect for our little choir and small group of children. I’m looking forward to see the whole performance would go. It will be a mixture of classics, fun songs, and movement. It’s not a grand stage, but this is the kind of stuff that attracts me. Nothing too “showy”, simple and homely. Vintage BLC? 🙂

Curve Home 2

This Christmas is special for me because we have at least 5 opportunities to perform as well as lead in singing. Two at the Curve and Three more with MPH Bangsar Village (on Dec 21 Friday) and One Utama(on December 22 and 23) at 6.30pm.

The first Christmas was a public event and was not confined to religious people. While we may complain about over commercialization of Christmas in our world who’s religious practice is consumption, I think these chances to express the Good News of Christmas and the free sharing of joy and love is a reminder that Christmas belongs to ALL – and the message of Christmas is meant for ALL. Not an exclusive few. I hope this season will truly be a breath of fresh air for us when we become less self-centered and consider others more than ourselves. An increase in compassion would be a good outcome to look forward too.

So, if there’s anyone who’s free during these dates. Join us …

The Curve Xmas Program

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