Takeshi & Vicky – A Blessing to BLC!

I was amazed how Takeshi still managed to preach his pretty good sermon, after the whole car-got-filled-with-diesel episode. Thankfully, he still managed to arrive with Vicky, baby Caleb and Vicky’s parents safely. He’s been such a blessing to the church family. I thoroughly enjoyed his more contextual and cross-cultural insights as he was preaching and relating the Biblical texts to our current contexts.

Reading their interview reflecting on the arrival of baby Caleb into their lives was also a great blessing. First, they managed to start their pilgrimage as a couple – one from Japan and the other from Korea – with lots of historical and cultural backgrounds to deal with. Then let’s not forget, the whole experience of studying in Malaysia.

An extra surprise for us, was the opportunity for Takeshi to do his weekend practical with our church. Vicky also serves in any way possible mostly through music … she’s an amazing musician. But what blesses me most personally is their presence, their personalities and their persons. Walking together with them having some insights into their Christian and ministerial pilgrimage here in Malaysia, helps us to have a richer perspective in reflecting on our own. So, often, we have a tunnel vision of our own way of life and thinking. It’s good to pause and be jolted by the views of others. And in their case, it’s usuallyt keeping the main things the main thing which emerges in our conversations.

So, in many ways … Takeshi & Vicky adds so much to our ongoing “music making” in our lives, family and ministry here and now on earth. And the results are truly a foretaste of heaven.

“…. fall on your knees …”

As the year ends tonight, I’m wrapping it up with worship.

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