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Many people see what Seth writes as idealistic. Some people will never understand. Personally, I quite like this:

“The passionate worker doesn’t show up because she’s afraid of getting in trouble, she shows up because it’s a hobby that pays.”

A Cure for Burnouts (by Tony Campolo)

You got it right Tony …

“Far too often, activists do little to nurture their souls. Consequently, they “burn out.” Ignoring the need for spiritual revitalization to sustain their zeal on behalf of the poor and oppressed, they wear out and fade into oblivion. Often those who were one-time dynamic spokespersons for social justice while living out countercultural values become exhausted from working hard with very little sense of accomplishment. Becoming cynical, they sometimes say disparaging things about those who still remain in the fray.”

A fine balance… I think this is where the Church often gets Christianity wrong.

Justice and Justification ….Ahh .,…

“I am committed to JUSTICE, but I am also committed to JUSTIFICATION!
Central to this false dichotomy, as I have explained before, is a false worldview that is based on modernism. Modernism has to operate (because of the influence of secular Newtonian science and Cartesian philosophy) with the principles of non-exclusion. In other words, if one is faced with two seemingly opposed notions of truth only one could possibly be true, while the other is false. This is a mistake! There are many areas in which ‘truth’ is based upon a complex tension between ‘truths’… That’s why I like the postmodern conversation so much! It forces me to ask questions about what I agree with, and what I don’t agree with. I cannot simply reject something as untrue. Perhaps it is not untrue, but just marginally true! That’s the negative position.”

ON APOLOGETICS, SALVATION, DECISIONS AND HELL: An Interview with a few Emerging types at a local Baptist church.

I should have done a special emergent links post but then again it’s late.

Ten Questions With Garr Reynolds

Reading his blog changed the way I liked at slides forever! 🙂

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