Random Thoughts after Leron Shults Transforming Visit …


Well … so much has happened the last few days, that I haven’t had enough time to reflect and blog about it. Maybe tomorrow.

But, one thing is for sure the last two days has been pretty “transforming” whether it’s in the more formal settings of seminars and talks to the informal games we play during the rides in the car.

I appreciated the acknowledgement Leron highlighted right from the beginning that this visit to Malaysia (and also the first time to Asia) will be a very mutually enriching and transforming experience.

The topics of conversation included the expected ones like theology, philosophy, history, psychology, sciences and so on … but the fun part about this whole deal is the less expected content that emerges unplanned which comes more from paying attention on how we deal with transitions in our own lives, and imagining the future together whether it’s personal next steps to what is the bigger picture.

It’s never just about the food we’re eating on the table … but the relationships around the meal, and how the way that evolves and develops brings growth to our humanity. The side tangents, the light bulb moments, the pauses, the twinkle in the eye, the slip of tongue, the well thought sentence, … the whole messy, random un-orchestrated dynamic is quite fascinating when you look back and think about it.

There’s no way to try and think about it while we’re engaged in the process, that’s stifling and I think impossible. What we do in the midst of the interaction is simply interact, and not second guess too much. There are little spots where we suddenly have a surge of enhanced insight and reflection, but most of the time the whole time just moves forward in light speed.

It’s always, later that we can play it back in some way, recall bits and pieces, freeze time in away, and allow the “transforming” effect to impact us in slower motion.

Anyway, there’s more from the time with spent with Leron, which I think I will try to recapture in some way tomorrow. For now, I need a drink …. of ribena!

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