Random Thoughts before a cold water shower!


It feels great to finally finish reading and begin probing initial thoughts from Constructing Local Theologies. There’s so much covered in the book that I will need to slow down and dwell on quite a number of concerns and observations with a specific Malaysian focus.

I’ve also tried to give it a little bit more kick and thinking through the eyes of a pastor in Kuala Lumpur.

The weather is killing me. It’s just too hot!

Nice to finally get some peace and quiet with ALL the kids asleep.

But then, off I will go for a 5pm small group meeting which I hope will give us a chance to consider (1) What are our fears and desires as a group and individuals? (2) How can we pay attention to those fears and desires? (3) How can we create space to deal with what emerges (4) How can we reorder our lives when we encounter the still small whisper?

My gut feeling is that we’re too “muddled” these days by 101 things. And precisely because we are so “muddled” that we need to “force” ourselves .. go against the grain more and deal with them. Clear our some space. So we won’t become sick humans.

5 more minutes.

Breathe slowly.

I hear the ceiling fan moving.

Can’t get Schreiter’s phrase our of my head … “Dual Religious systems”. It just gave me a way to look at the way we live our lives.

off I go.

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