Random Links 224 ("Election Nomination Sunday" Edition)

Barisan Rakyat Emerging – A Brand New Hope For Malaysia?

I’ve always liked the word "emerging" 🙂

How My Vote Affects Others ..

An authentic example of how one seeks to integrate his faith and politics.

Hidup Barisan Rakyat!

Fascinating development …. see familiar faces in the photos!

Nomination day – A tale of two constituencies

One is close to where we worship, the other is far away … I’m keen to see what happens to both.

No pain, no gain

Sometimes we hope soul searching moments can be earlier …

Again, going by the ‘no pain, no gain’ theory, what would happen if the BN were to do badly in this general election, say winning only 70%, like in 1990? My guess is that it will have to do a lot of soul searching and make serious policy changes to mend the fence.

Of blockheads, buffoons and bigots (Part 1)

Of blockheads, buffoons and bigots (Part 2)

I think originally these two pieces had a more juicy title 🙂

Have Christians learned the costly lesson?

Supper thoughts for many tonight?

Lembah Pantai: Izzah’s induction of fire

Though I’m not voting there… but I know quite a few who are …

Lies, lies and more lies!

Ouch! This piece is probably after some Chilli!

I was one who campaigned with all friends and family to give Pak Lah a real chance. We did, as a nation. My sincere apologies to all, friends and family, because I did not know then what I know now, that the PM can be a habitual liar!


How would I answer for the Christian version of this question? i don’t think it would be too different …

Jika anda menyokong ISLAM, bermakna anda menyokong PRINSIP. Islam sebagai prinsip menjulang keadilan, ketelusan, komitmen kepada perjanjian dan amanah, iaitu nilai-nilai yang didukung bukan sahaja di atas nama Islam, tetapi boleh juga tanpa nama Islam.

Akan tetapi jika anda menyokong MUSLIM, maka anda mempertimbangkan identiti calon, dan bukan prinsip serta integritinya. Jika anda mengundi seorang calon hanya kerana dia itu MUSLIM… anda tidak berlaku adil, anda pengamal ASABIYYAH.

Pandan: MCA’s Tee Keat vs MTUC boss

This is very close to home!

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