Random Links 226 ("Election Before Sleep Edition")

Loh Gwo-Burne : How now, Kelana Jaya voters?

I too was puzzled and asked “Why?” but it’s interesting to read Farida’s reasoning. The comments are equally enlightening.

Syed Shahir woos Pandan’s working class

so happened I was thinking about minimum wage today … 🙂 The following was informative:

If the MTUC president does win the Pandan seat, he will join an illustrious group of labour activists such as V David, Dr Tan Chee Khoon, V Veerapan and Tan Pock Kin all of whom were elected as members of Parliament in the past.

Report card II: Excellence, glory, distinction Part 1

Report card II: Excellence, glory, distinction Part 2

Pass or Fail …?

Jesus, Power, Rebellion, and Elections

One young man’s attempt to sort this out with his faith perspective.

Looking at an immediate power context in the coming general elections in Malaysia, I must say that one has not fully grasped the challenges of building the plural and just Malaysia until one realizes that the problems are systemic, structured by the unbalanced power relations between political parties that run along ethnic lines. Corruption, nepotism, racial polarization, police brutality, suppression of religious freedom, increasing inequality, media lies and blackout – all these, and more, contribute to the impasse we see in our country today after 50 years of independence. Individuals are said to feel disempowered in a globalize world but it is the reverse that is true. Our individual choices directly and indirectly shape the concerns and issues brought to the public square. And this is even more evident in the forthcoming general elections where individual votes are to a large extent a demonstration of civic consciousness in realigning power relations.

The question is, how will these choices be exercised? And I think this is a critical question for individuals to ponder and act upon, and collectively as a church, on how to emulate Jesus in his powerlessness in this entangled web of power relations. While I do not want to be overly prescriptive, I believe we can draw two general lessons in our contemplation of Jesus. Firstly, the powerlessness of Jesus is not a once-off event but a life-style of sacrificial choices made on a daily basis in the same direction. Similarly, we are not called to be ’informed voters’ once-off. We are called to be a community of the powerless and for the powerless before and after the elections. We do not decide overnight to vote wisely. It must be preceded, and followed, by the small sacrificial choices made in the same direction. Secondly, the ’how’ is equally as important, if not more, as the ’who’ to vote. Are we voting primarily based on ethnicity, personal gain, economy, status, or political affiliation? Or are we voting based on the impulse of Jesus – the realignment of power relations that is preoccupied with the weak, vulnerable, oppressed, marginalized and powerless?

Vote for Change to ensure that Malaysia is United, Prosperous and Progressive

It’s been quite a while since I’ve read anything by Dr. Chen Man Hin.

An open letter to Tony Pua

I wonder how far the internet will affect our coming Elections. Looking forward to see how Tony responds to this open letter.

Let’s demonstrate Malaysian Solidarity

This would be interesting.

on Saturday, 1 March 2008 (1 week before Polling Day), we shall be organising a MEET BARISAN RAYKAT function. The time and place have not been confirmed yet. In this function we shall give the members of BARISAN RAKYAT an opportunity to talk to the people and explain their policies and strategies in the event the opposition coalition forms the government, whether at Federal level or in one, two or three of the States. There will also be a question-and answer session for participants to ask the members of BARISAN RAKYAT anything that may be of concern to them.

This might be scary for some …but then …

Yes, this election may end up the dirtiest ever in Malaysian history. But let us the rakyat show the powers-that-be that we shall no longer tolerate the rigging of our elections and the denial of our fundamental right to free and fair elections. We refuse, any longer, to be robbed of our right to determine the government that will rule over us.

Malaysiakini videos I’m watching before I sleep.

Azmi Sharom on the 12th General Election

Harris Ibrahim at DAP ceramah

Tricia Yeoh on the 12th General Election

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