Prayer for the Nation and the 12th General Elections


28 February 2008

From : The Bishop’s Office

To : All Congregations of the Lutheran Church in Malaysia and Singapore

Dear Pastors and Members of the LCMS,

RE: Prayer for the Nation and the 12th General Elections.

Grace and peace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with you.

With our country’s 12th General Elections just around the corner, the Bishop’s Office hereby calls upon all members of the LCMS to fervently uphold this crucial election with your prayers. Kindly encourage one another to pray personally and collectively as a church by using the prayer points as listed in the attached ‘2008 Elections Prayer Leaflet’ as a guide.

Furthermore, all pastors are to encourage their members to exercise their duty as responsible citizens by going to vote on 8 March 2008. Convince them to evaluate their candidates and the political parties they represent before the vote is cast. Consider whether the parties exercise fairness to all citizens and uphold the rights of all Malaysians to have the freedom of worship, and whether the candidates have a good standard of accountability, integrity, honesty and leadership skills.

We pray that God’s grace will be upon this General Election as we strive to build a more just, prosperous and secured nation for our children.

In His Grace,

Bishop Philip Lok

Elections 2008 Prayer Points (Chinese)

Elections 2008 Prayer Points (English)

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