Random Links 231 ("Elections Next Generation Edition")

Nurul Izzah For Lembah Pantai

This will be one constituency many eyes will be watching. Last night, I managed to catch her speak in Malaysiakini.tv for the first time. After hearing Nurul Izzah speak, I can see she is no pawn or pushover, and can pretty much stand her ground.  The little leaflet going around Bangsar has a number of points which I thought stood out (BTW, the way the content is written balances the more personal dimension of a candidate as well as the bigger pictures in which they operate in):


She is very down to earth and without airs, respectful of others. She is humble and always ready to learn. She feels deeply for victims of poverty, discrimination and abuse. She is very approachable, pleasant and a pleasure to meet with.


She will be a diligent MP, attending parliamentary sessions and attending to the plight of her constituents. She will rigorously promote her party’s manifesto to create a vibrant economy for all; “For Malaysia to stand again amongst the giants (of Asian economy), we must play by the rules of the global game as well as eliminate corruption and wastage.”

The Bigger picture closing wraps up with an educational flavor:


  • act with impunity without adequate accountability to the People
  • amend the Federal Constitution any time or anyhow they wish
  • become arrogant and usurp the rights and position of the People
  • suppress freedom of assembly, association, speech, and information
  • muzzle the press and media
  • create economic monopolies as they wish

LET US SEND NURUL IZZAH TO PARLIAMENT to be a voice for women and youth and the people of Lembah Pantai articulating our concerns about

  • the direction, resources, and future of our nation
  • abuse of power and resources
  • rising cost of living
  • crime and public safety
  • national unity and harmony
  • fundamental liberties
  • the independence of the judiciary

Kelana Jaya get an MP : Take your chances with Gwo Burne

Following the comments and discussion over him has helped sharpen the issues for many.  And yet, Haris closing comments probably represent the general consensus of many who were caught at first by surprise and puzzlement. I noticed Gwo Burne’s website has a needed facelift … click here

Farida’s closing question led me to the question ‘What are the negatives that make Gwo Burne an incurably unacceptable choice?’

For me, those negatives were neutered by the responses I got to my questions during the interview that I had with Gwo Burne day before yesterday, and which I shared with you in a post entitled ‘The People’s Parliament catchs up with Loh Gwo Burne’ together with the impression I formed of him even before nomination day, having had the opportunity to observe him in the witness box during the Commission proceedings.

That impression which I formed of him earlier I will share at the ceramah later tonight.

For now, let me just say that I think Kelana Jaya voters should give this man a chance in Parliament.

More cheap shots

One of the side excitements during this election season is the rise of the younger candidates mostly from the opposition.  Hannah Yeoh has been making waves slowly but surely.

Question time: PJ Utara’s Tony Pua vs Chew Mei Fun

Tony Pua is the same age with me … 🙂 I was tickled when a church member said he’s a Tony Pua fan … wow.

Agenda Utama: Pemerkasaan Rakyat untuk Masyarakat Madani

I heard Nik Nazmi take the mic a few times at some forums and he left a deep impression in my view. His youtube video is really good.

(NOTE: I’m sure there are also younger candidates from the BN who have been given a chance and also have much potential, but since they already get so much exposure in the mainstream media, I thought it would be nice to focus on the opposition and all the candidates above each have their own unique way of generating excitement)

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