Overzealous SMS Craze (Updated)

Please forgive me if I offend anyone here … especially Christians.

First, I am one. So, I’m warning myself.

Second, I am a Pastor. So, I’m cautioning those in leadership like me.

Third, I am a Malaysian and Concerned Citizen. I think we need to be responsible with our actions … whether we generate a SMS or forward one.

Here’s what I wrote to my contacts (with a bit of refining in italics and blue):

I got the following SMS twice from sincere people. So if you are one of them who sent it to me… this is not a personal attack  to those who sent it to me.

it’s reads like this …
"Fwd-Urgent! Raja Nazrin has accepted Ngeh Koo Ham (Christian) as Chief Minister of Perak but PAS objected violently.  Pray God’s will be done. pl fwd"

I won’t forward this SMS for the following reasons.
1. I don’t know the source. So, I’m not sure whether both the info on Ngeh is correct.  And the "objected violently" is very subjective and is prone to misunderstanding.
2. Even if it’s true that Raja Nazrin choose Ngeh (which if I’m right it’s the Sultan’s authority unless delegated) why highlight the Christian part which alienates our Muslim friends unnecessarily. Furthermore, we called for change especially during the recent elections that seeks to take away our focus on race and religion and redirect it to common concerns, why do we Christians fall into the trap in which we criticize others?
3. While I don’t question the sincerity of the 1st person who sent this (even if this is true), I question the maturity of it … but intuitively I’m not at ease.
4. And if it’s from someone not sincere, and trying to stir some hostility, let’s not fall for it. These are times where we must not let our guard down.

my 2 cents.

BTW, I pray for God’s Will to be done here on earth as it is heaven constantly.  But I keep check on my own prejudices and preferences.

And then I read this from a young friends blog "Urgent…"

I have just received this worrying SMS:

"Fwd-Urgent! Raja Nazrin has accepted Nga Kho Ham (Christian) as Chief Minister of Perak but PAS objected violently. Pray God’s will be done."

My first reaction was to ask for the source of this SMS and asked if this piece of news is reliable. But I was told that this SMS has been circulating within the church circle but its authenticity couldn’t be verified.

I went online to check the news portal and blogs but didn’t come across any such news. I have no way of verifying it. If anyone know anything, please drop me a comment, e-mail or SMS. At the mean time, please stay calm and DO NOT forward any SMS until its authenticity can be verified. And always ask the person who sends the SMS for the reliablity of the content.

[Updated 545pm] Another SMS followed saying to disregard the news as it’s a rumour to create confusion.

[Updated 548am] Read this: New Perak MB by end week“All three parties have unanimously agreed that we will fully endorse the Sultan’s choice,” said Ngeh, speaking for coalition. SMS confirmed circulated for purposes of inciting fear and panic.

So it’s confirmed .. it’s a rumour to create confusion. My question to us is did we forward it to quickly without a pause for reconsideration …. some soul searching is needed if we did.

There are four comments from the post from my friend which are good to keep us in check.

Blogger kiawin said…

Only Sultan Azlan Shah can make the decision, not Raja Nazrin. The sms is a pure fiction.

5:50 PM

Blogger Discordant Dude said…

certain quarters are trying very hard to create an atmosphere of panic and fear. a lot of prudence and sensitivity is required…

5:59 PM

Blogger healthywealthy said…

i thought that it had been clearly stated in the state constitution that MB must be a Muslim & malay except in Penang, Malacca, Sabah and Sarawak. I guess the sms that is circulating currently is the work of a very irresponsible person and an opportunist who are riding on other peoples ignorance. Pls counter future sms u received with such provocations with wisdom.Always check your facts bfor forwading provocative remarks.

7:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said…

the best thing to do is to delete that sms and wait for the actual announcement. some people just wanna create animosity on purpose. you know who the sore losers are la.

9:25 PM

Anonymous ronald said…

> Only Sultan Azlan Shah can make the decision, not Raja Nazrin
Raja Nazrin’s currently Regent, so doesn’t that make the decision technically his to make?

11:31 PM

Blogger Discordant Dude said…

"Under the state constitution, the menteri besar has to be a Malay Muslim, but there is a provision that allows the Sultan to waive the requirement." Read more from the Malaysiakini link updated in my blog post.
Let us continue to encourage citizens to be wary of such irresponsible SMS.

5:54 AM


Blogger colin said…

In fact, the Perak PAS commissioner, Ahmad Awang, said in a press conference that “It does not matter if the position goes to a DAP candidate as the Menteri Besar is for the new coalition government,” The police is apparently cracking down on those who spread rumours to incite violence.
The three names submitted thus far are DAP chief Ngeh Koo Ham, state PKR treasurer Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi, and state Pas liaison secretary Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin. Lets wait for the official announcement by the Sultan, probably tonight or tmr latest.

12:56 PM


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