Random Links 235 ("Elections afterglow Edition")

After a break from more socio-political linking during the Holy Week, it’s time to return with fresh "Easter" energy!

‘Boycott the Newspapers!’ Online Petition

It starts today … join us 🙂 Check out this artistic renditions: Buy no lies! Boycott the local newspapers!

Anybody who is a consumer has the power to boycott. We are in reality empowering ourselves when we say to the mainstream media (MSM): “We refuse to buy into your lies. Therefore we’re not buying newspapers.”

Newspapers are enablers allowing Malaysia’s ancien regime to sustain its self-serving shaping of our world. We believe that civil society is informed enough to protest against being brainwashed by MSM disinformation.


One of the questions I had after the elections was how would the losing parties react.  A good yardstick was did they mean what they said before the election results that they are truly for the people? Calls by the new MPs like this one is refreshingly needed, will the one without position respond? Or how will they respond?

Lim vowed to work hard to win back the trust and support of the Batu voters.

I should say thanks to Lim for his concerns and willingness to serve. I am not sure who among my staff member called him to seek Gerakan’s assistance.

If Sdr Lim is willing and ready, I would like to invite him to assist Batu people. Our cooperation may contribute to better welfare of the residents. I hope he could serve regardless of ethnicity and status, and put aside political differences to fight for a better neighbourhood in Batu.

Siapa yang biadap sekarang

There was so much hoo-ha about Kit Siang’s episode in Perak, what’s going on in Terengganu is worse! These two are good comparative case studies for reference …

Short of Experience?

Some of the best one liners came out during the "ceramahs" … time will show how they play out in the new experience.

During the campaign period, Hannah Yeoh who won the Subang Jaya state seat in Selangor by a massive 13,851 votes, admitted "she was young and inexperienced in politics, but she drew cheers when she said she was ‘clean’."

"Yes, I do not have experience. I do not have experience in corruption."

The Mystery That Is Sarawak Politics

This mystery is still unfolding before our eyes.

Whether we like it or not, the politics of Borneo are a mystery to most of us here in the Peninsular. Despite the almost total sweep of the contested seats in both Sabah and Sarawak, I am pretty sure that Barisan Nasional (BN) would be making a mistake to assume that their position is secure there. I have been informed that voting trends tend to go along personality lines rather than party lines. So I reckon it would mainly be because that the dominant personalities happen to be part of BN parties (for now) that the BN gained the victory that they did in Sabah and Sarawak.

Poverty and the loss of indigenous land rights (which makes a mockery of Article 153 of the Federal Constituton) remains major problems in the Borneo states so there exists also a genuine fear of losing Federal support under such circumstances. Ethnic disparities and divisions, while very much hidden below the surface; can be in some ways more pronounced in the Borneo states than they are in the Peninsular due to the more identifiable ethnic categories in the various professions (sort of like pre 1969 Malaysia).

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