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The Rise Of The Worship Artisan

This is a constructive way forward …

while I have no intent of replacing the term “worship leader,” I do believe that a more expansive term is needed to call us forward as worship leaders, artists and spiritual/cultural influencers. The term “worship artisan” is meant to give impetus to worship leaders to pursue a deeper mindset and skillset than they have actively pursued in our current generation, and to give permission to artists to embrace their role as leaders and influencers in the contexts of corporate worship as well as in culture. I want to speak to a group of people who live on the continuum of worship leaders or artists in the contemporary Church as we know it, and suggest a new way of thinking about, and doing, creative acts of worship both in the culture and in the community of the followers of Jesus.

Context. Does it matter?

"contextualization is a curse"? That’s a new one! When we’re so focused on "guarding" our turf, we forget to be "guided" by the Spirit and even by the Scriptures …

Westminster Theological Suspension: Peter Enns’s book Inspiration and Incarnation created a two-year theological battle that resulted in his suspension.

I confess … stuff like this makes me want to get the book and meet the man behind it!


It’s been more than 10 years since I’ve been back to China. But I agree with a more way of looking at the overall scene in China with more nuance and complexity.

Getting your head round philosophy for theology

Jason Clark ushers us in well …

… if like me you know the value of philosophy, but want to know what’s important for ‘theology’, rather than being sucked into the agenda of what’s important for ‘philosophy’, how do you navigate that? How do you learn the ‘philosophy’ you need for ‘theology’?

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