The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep


It’s quite a while since I posted up any movies 🙂 Entertainment is not high on the agenda on this blog these days. But then, when it becomes a time when we can spend together as a family, then it’s okay.

Since the arrival of Ewan, we have been unable to pop in a movie theater.  That would be too much for us parents and the 3 kids nowadays.  But we can still manage to watch a movie on the notebook! 🙂

I’m glad Gareth survived the whole show compared to Happy Feet (which we left after some intense scenes of fierce seals!) But I noticed as a five year old turning six in October, he was able to grasp the key themes of the movie of friendship, bonding, love and loyalty. As usual, he’s easily troubled by the more intense scenes (especially when it involves even mild violence).  He got quite emotional at the end of the movie (actually I think I was getting a little choked up as well – but then I’m a softy when it comes to these kind of moments even if I know it’s fiction!).

Elysia is like her mom, asking questions along every scene transition 🙂 I can imagine if we were in the theater, she would either be as much of the entertainment for the audience or a itching disturbance through out the movie.  Looks like we’ll keep the movie nights at home for a while.  Both of them loved the "water horse" when it was small and cute.  But were able to warm up to it even when it was gigantic and huge. I think the director must have done something right to help Gareth and the 3 year old Elysia to be able to make that transition effortless.

Ah … as for 5 month old Ewan,  he followed the movie for the first part while on mummy May Chin’s lap, and then on my lap, then taking some snacks in between … with mummy of course 🙂 Since Elysia did all the questions, May Chin had no chance to ask hers because she was busy answering the daughter … phew!

There were nice little moments where we parents had our hugs with the kids, calming them down when things got a little scary, and giggling together at funny parts, … all in all family entertainment at it’s best.

Oh .. yes, entertainment is still not high on the agenda for this blog.  But if it connects to some relationship building, then it can get a mention 🙂 as a supplement but not the main thing. 

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