Random Links 239 ("Malaysian Politics is Exciting" Edition)

Karpal, Mahathir exchange letters on 1988 judicial crisis

Are there going to be more cans of worms reopening day by day?  At least open letters are for all to read … But reading the eye witness account made me pause.

Pas MP receives standing ovation in Shah Alam Catholic Church

Wow … how come this was not in the mainstream news?  Ok … I haven’t bought any English mainstream newspapers … so maybe I missed it… It will be exciting to see how Christian-Muslim relations will progress forward after March 8, 2008 🙂

So Is Islam Hadari To Be Enforced By Whipping Now?

Malaysia: Change is Long Overdue

After the election, can Malaysians build a post-racial politics?

Farewell to the Homogenous Malay

Catching up with Farish Noor articles!

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