The Growing Kits and Growing Fast!


Ewan the cool kit … who’s quite a handful in his own right.  It’s such a blessing to see him with his smiles and inquisitive gaze at you.  Melts your heart.  While many told us having one boy and one girl is good enough 🙂 and the Chinese character for "Good" is the combination of female and male (i.e. ?). The addition of Ewan has brought pleasant delights.  Of course, I don’t deny the demands on our energy is higher than ever.  And I’m amazed how we are still coping.  Especially, when all three want "Mummy" (most of the time!) and than "Papa" is roped in to the rescue.

But this little paragraph is about Ewan, and he likes to be carried (don’t all babies do?!) He’s got this fun giggle when I do shadow boxing with him, and sing a Papa New Guinea song I learnt. My favorite moments is when he smiles back if I initiate a friendly smile especially in the morning.


Ah .. Big Brother Gareth loves to read. And when he’s really into it … he’s really into it.  Asterix is a current favorite which reflects more on my taste than his! 🙂 But he enjoys the comics.  We have occasional conversations over the adventures of the Gauls and their exploits with the Romans. We’re still working on his recognition of words and reading skills.  But at least he’s got a love for "reading" books – whether it’s comics like Asterix or the goodies he gets from the Kuala Lumpur Children’s library.


The Energizer bunny in the family Elysia with her favorite past time.  Jumping on the trampoline! Jump! Jump! And she jumps with so much passion and excitement. Looks like she might grow taller faster 🙂 Sometimes, she asks me to hold her hand so she can jump higher …. Elysia has a way with words even though she’s three, and I’m always in awe of some of the sentences she utters.

Well, May Chin and I  thought two would be enough … and then a pleasant no. 3 came along. There are highs and lows no doubt. We are so aware of our inadequacies and our where we fumble and stumble. And in terms of the distribution of our energy, the demands on us emotionally, and the juggling of time it’s no joke … but, there are rewards … the rewards of seeing these "younglings" grow and mature often beyond what we could ever imagine. What an awesome responsibility this whole parenting business is, but such rewards that are indescribable. Okay, I tried to articulate some thoughts the best I can …

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