Harmonics 8



The problem with many of us is when we THINK we sees things as they really are when it’s really not what it is. Our vision and perspectives are easily clouded by baggage from the past, prejudice of the present and fears for the future.  And of course, the good old way of saying this is … we are sinful creatures and our minds and hearts are corrupted or easily corruptible. We may think we SEE but maybe we are BLIND to many things God is showing us.  Apostle Paul when he was Saul is a good example, and who can forget Jesus long-winded dispute with the religious leaders in John Chapter 9 on the healing of the man born blind.  It wasn’t merely about a miracle it was about what was the meaning the miracle was pointing to.

We are afraid of darkness, and surely think it’s tragic to be blind. But today, the good news is God is present even in the midst of the valleys of pitch darkness .. perhaps being the ONLY light we can cling on too … and the bonus would even be the warmth of his presence. The first step to see again, is to admit our blind spots .. the second, is to open ourselves for his touch that the scales from our eyes will fall away.. and we can see again.

* * *

It’s a challenge to pray together as a family in our hurried world.  In fact, for some of us, it may even be a challenge to eat together regularly.  But the old saying, "a family who prays together stays together" cannot be ignored. The alternative of all of us dragged into our own fragmented existence is not very promising for the present or the future. This question of "What memories of God am I creating for the ones I love?" is worth spending time on.  And it’s worth our effort to spend time in answering the question with practical steps immediately after reading this.  I think the "praying together" bit is one thing to work hard towards even more for those of us who are struggling, but there are little beginnings we can start.  And for me, after I shut down the notebook it’s when we’re on the way to school … Elysia and me 🙂 those 15-20minutes on the road is a time to turn an ordinary car into an extraordinary sanctuary …

* * *

We have so many ideas of who a leader is? what they should be? how they should behave?  We have lists whether written or unwritten on how do we determine their success or failure (which reads whether they have failed us or not)? We want them to be strong and yet we want them to be personal.  We hope they will be competent and require character. We can go on and on …

And then suddenly, we find ourselves in leadership.  The questions get redirected at ourselves.  I’m not limiting myself to church leadership here, but even beyond the church – whether in the office or on the streets! When we are in some "position" or "responsibility" then we begin to realize the inner ramblings and musings of a leader.  We also become aware of the fears and challenges it involves.  The demands and the hard decisions which needs to be made.

That’s why in my limited hitting my head to the wall experience, the consistent need for outer help to face the inner battles is crucial.  It comes in the form of trusted people who offer genuine support in prayer and encouragement – note the word EN-Courage … – these are people who are instruments of both comfort and courage. They serve as signs of God’s grace upon our endeavors as leaders in our respective sphere. But at the end of the day, especially when no one is looking, it’s not a cliche when we mean it that God is our ultimate source of strength and courage. Not the God of our ideas and rationalizations or experiences, But the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob … Moses … Joshua … David … Isaiah .. Jeremiah … Daniel … Nehemiah … Jesus … Paul … Polycarp …Alopen … Luther … Bonhoeffer … etc.

* * *

These harmonics vibrated from April 21-24, 2008

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