Harmonics 9


I always like our trips to Cameron Highlands even though it’s a long journey.  But once we have arrived there, we will be surrounded by trees and greenery.  The weather is cooler and the air is fresher. As long as it’s away from the concrete jungle and polluted air of Kuala Lumpur 🙂 It’s also a time where when we carve out some space we can allow our roots to grow deeper. Whether it’s simply to pause and "be" without the drivenness of city life, or intentionally spending some time resting, reading, relating and reflecting … it will be good. And the surrounding trees are constant reminders towards that end.  That’s why I like places like Cameron Highlands. I like places where I’m drawn towards "deeper roots" in my humanity and spirituality.  Then I know, I’m in the mission of God for the long run!

* * *

I wonder whether the majority experiences of people are the feeling of "losing their way"? The are moments here and there when we have the joy of finding it again, but generally we tend towards feeling off track than on the right path.  It depends.

What’s important however is that we always "begin again" whenever we discover a lacking in zeal or direction.  Zeal is that energy within to keep us going.  Direction because we want to be sure we are heading to the right destination of where God wants us to be. And for both of these aspects the Holy Spirit is available to inject renewed energy as well as refined focus. The focus is on the Spirit first and foremost, and then towards our inner state of being or external concerns.  Or if we start with the tangled mess of our hearts, as well as the sense of being lost in the jungle of worries, we pause and redirect our attention to the Holy Spirit to fill us once again.

I believe that is what a Spirit-filled and Spirit-formed like looks like.  Peak experiences where we are elated, quiet strength in the valleys, and steady nudges on the flatlands of routine. Holy Spirit, Come .

* * *

Let’s get back into the rhythms of God.  It’s easy to lose that groove.  And I can say that even about keeping up with these short notes for the devotionals 🙂

The image and metaphor of "wind" and "riding the wind" .. specifically is a good one.  And often, I tend to see "wind" more like a relaxing breeze which refreshes me.  And indeed the Spirit does that often.  But in recent years, I have experienced "riding the wind" in a way where many unexpected people have come along, and never-planned-before events happen, plus new paths being charted … or fresh winds blowing.  At first "feel", it doesn’t have a congruence about it … or feels more sporadic and unsure of the direction.  But as time passes, as we age and bump into enough walls, we begin to discern the leadership of God’s Spirit through HIS wind blowing.  Now, this doesn’t ignore the fact there are other "winds" as well .. whether mere winds of change, or winds of trend, or winds of distraction (even deception) which are present. We need to be mindful of such realities, without losing touch with God’s wind … are there risks? sure there are.  Might we miss God? That’s possible. But is the life of faith, adventure and trust …

* * *

These harmonics vibrated from April 28 – May 1, 2008

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