Random Thoughts after an extremely tiring day …


It’s been a while since I did my random thoughts series …

I’m a little tired … in fact, I’m REALLY tired …

But it was generally a good day.

Met with two contractors to explore the upcoming renovation possibilities for our church premises.  I realize more and more how much "possibilities" energize me.

In the past, I would tend towards tearing everything down and start from scratch.  I mean, why go through the hustle of making adjustments, thinking about tweaking when we can simply just build a new structure.

And yet, even 8 years ago, when I first stepped into what is know today as the Father’s House.  I was slapped with the facts of limitations, budget constraints, time and also short supply of energy.

We just went ahead with what we had , and what was given to us. There’s a lot of humble gaining of wisdom for young blooded idealist.  I was 29.

Thankfully, with the generosity of many and the sweat and blood of the committed, we managed to have a 2 more renovations with less worry about finances.  And we were freed to be creative and have more comfort in the renovating process.

But still, it wasn’t a tear everything down and just start from scratch,

Today, what energized me was more of pushing myself to think out of the box within the limitations I had.  In fact, it was self-limitations that I imposed on myself because of a set of values.

The value of continuity with the past, the value of appreciating creation, the value of beauty together with function, the value of safety, the value of good stewardship … and more.

It’s never about just doing what we want to, just because we are able to do it.

Maybe I’m just exhausted physically, so I’m not prone to radical thinking right now. I guess, it’s facing the wall or more of the window that makes one seriously work within limits, and ironically that can be liberating.  Because one is not self-absorbed with one’s possession of power and capability to perform, and do something.

I’m rambling a little. 🙂

Then again these are random thoughts … with a mind which is still bubbling with thoughts, but a body which is saying "shut up! and go to sleep…"

Okay, I’ll start with shutting up!

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