The Modern Theologians


Here I am in STM, Seremban doing what I should have done a long time ago.  That is, focusing on my research, reading, reflection and writing. But better late than never, right?

I came across this updated edition of the book in the library because I was looking for a one volume quick overview which also included a wide variety of contributions.  My interest was mainly "Particularizing Theology" and "Global Engagements".

The table of contents won me over, so I borrowed the book 🙂 So did David Ford’s introduction:

"Some may wish to repeat past theology, but this is not possible.  The context has changed, and what is actually communicated and understood today can be very far from the original meaning. Yet Christian theology always requires some continuity with the past, so the question is how there can be appropriate continuity without simple repetition." (pp. 1-2)



Notes on Contributors.

Introduction to Modern Christian Theology (David F. Ford)

Part I: Classics of the Twentieth Century.

1. Karl Barth (Daniel W. Hardy)

2. Dietrich Bonheoffer (Wayne Whitson Floyd)

3. Paul Tillich (David H. Kelsey)

4. Henri de Lubac (John Milbank)

5. Karl Rahner (Karen Kilby)

6. Hans Urs von Balthasar (Ben Quash)

Part II: Theological Responses to Modernity in Europe and the USA.

Section A: Germany.

7. Wolfhart Pannenberg (Christoph Schwobel)

8. Jurgen Moltmann (Richard Bauckham)

Section B: Britain.

9. T.F. Torrance (Daniel W. Hardy)

10. Anglican Theology (Peter Sedgwick)

Section C: USA.

11. H. Richard Niebuhr (Stanley Hauerwas)

12. Reinhold Niebuhr (William Werpehowski)

13. Revisionists and Liberals 9James J. Buckley)

Section D: The Contemporary Scene: Reappropriating Traditions.

14. Postliberal Theology (James Fodor)

15. Systematic Theology after Barth: Jungel, Jenson, and Gunton (John Webster)

16. Roman Catholic Theology after Vatican II (Paul D. Murray)

Section E: Texts, Truth , and Signification.

17. Biblical Interpretation (Anthony C. Thiselton)

18. Philosophical Theology (Ingolf U. Dalferth)

19. Postmodern Theology (Graham Ward)

Part III: Theology and the Sciences.

20. Theology and the Physical Sciences (Philip Clayton)

21. Theology and the Biological Sciences (Celia Deane Drummond)

22. Theology and the Social Sciences (Richard H. Roberts)

Part IV: Theology, Prayer, and Practice.

23. Theology and Spirituality (Mark A. McIntosh)

24. Pastoral and Practical Theology (Stephen Pattison and Gordon Lynch)

Part V: Particularizing Theology.

25. Feminism, Gender, and Theology (Rachel Muers)

26. Black Theology of Liberation (Dwight N. Hopkins)

27. Latin American Liberation Theology (Rebecca S. Chopp and Ethna Regan)

28. African Technology (Tinyiko Sam Maluleke)

29. Theologies of South Asia (Felix Wilfred)

30. Contextual Theology in East Asian (Archie Chi Chung Lee)

31. Postcolonial Biblical Interpretation (R.S. Sugirtharajah)

Part VI: Global Engagements.

32. Ecumenical Theology (Mary Tanner)

33. Eastern Orthodox Theology (Rowan Williams)

34. Pentecostal and Charismatic Theology (Allan Anderson)

35. Evangelical Theology (David F. Wells)

Part VII: Theology Between Faiths.

36. Theology of Religions (Gavin D’Costa)

37. Judaism and Christian Theology (Ataullah Siddiqui)

38. Islam and Christian Theology (Ataullah Siddiqui)

39. Buddhism and Christian Theology (Paul O. Ingram)

Part VIII: Theology in Many Media.

40. Theology and the Visual Arts (John W. de Gruchy)

41. Theology and Music (Jeremy S. Begbie)

42. Theology and Film (Jolyon Mitchell)

Epilogue: Twelve theses for Christian Theology in the Twenty-First century (David F. Ford)



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