Random Thoughts after Seremban Solitude


It was good to have some time REALLY alone.

I managed to do quite a bit.  Read chunks.  Jot down notes. Sleep. Eat. Be quiet. Mind Map.  Reorder research papers. Browse through books.

Hope I won’t fall sick.  Somehow, I think I might have  caught a cold.  Must be the price rise for petrol.

Good to see the family. I think they are pretty happy to see me.  Absent for 2 nights!

Weather was decent in Seremban.  I think being around trees helped.  Made me recall a conversation I had with a new friend who mentioned that being around living things helps a lot – whether it’s human or otherwise.  Good insight.

Rushed back.

The "Komuter" train ride is actually slow and good for either reading or listening to podcasts. On the journey to Seremban, I managed to listen to two podcasts.  On the way back, I finished a chapter of a book as well as mind mapping some notes. Better than driving there huh?

I’m a little tired now. It’s been a full day.

Emotionally I think I have been well rested.  Intellectually on overload.  Catching up spiritually … but physically needing some attention still.  Even though some decent sleep.

It wasn’t perfect.  But having some time away was necessary.

For that I am grateful.

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