4 Responses to Colbert Report: Bishop N.T. Wright

  1. Paul Long says:

    Thanks for this bro. Great how he is so at home while the host is making jokes. Cool Bishop

  2. I sure did.

    Speaking of N.T. Wright, I’ve posted something regarding on a particular theological/eschatological issue pertaining to Wright HERE. Thought some of your friends might enjoy it as well.

    Grace and Peace,
    Raffi Shahinian
    Parables of a Prodigal World

  3. alwyn says:

    he certainly talks like Wright, sounds like Wright, looks quite a LOT like Wright, but for the first 2 minutes i had serious doubts whether he was NT himself! ;>)

  4. Sivin says:

    Paul – Bishops don’t have to be stuffy isn’t it? 🙂

    Raffi – thanks for the link! Great stuff!

    alwyn – So the Bishop has more under his sleeve than we know huh? 😛

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