Random Thoughts before I write … write … write…


The "perfect" sermon, or article is always in the head … I wonder whether we are afraid to get started because the moment it leaves the abstract and enters the concrete whether it’s digital words on the screen of a notebook or scribbles on a piece of paper it loses it’s perfection and we’re down to messiness!

The preparation before the actual writing or mind mapping (in my case very often) is equally important.  Some level of slowly getting into it is needed.  I think this is what I am doing.

There are those who can switch on and off anytime, I’m not one of them.  Maybe they can because there’s already loads in their reserve.  Sometimes, I can.  Most of the time, I can’t.

The passion behind the articulated wisdom fuels the ongoing quest to pursue truth as well as share truth.  Without the passion, it tends to be cold and dry.   Knowledge of that kind maybe useful in some more academic settings where distance is important.  But for me, too much distance makes me disinterested.

I’m back to some de-cluttering, and rebooting my GTD … slowly but surely.  Especially, when I’m thinking of saving some money on petrol and food today. 😛

2 Articles … wow.  One around 3000 words, another 5000 words (more like a chapter for a book?). And another one hidden in the background.  I love the feeling when articles are completed, the trouble is getting them started!

Okay … good to get some random thoughts out.  Now, after a refreshing bath, we should be on our way … 🙂

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