Random Links 261 ("Aiyo!" Malaysia Edition)

Stunning claims linking Najib to Altantuya

Anwar alleges Najib linked to Altantuya case

Looks like these two sites are competing for speed and  quality of news.

‘No’ to soldiers on street duty

I’m already hearing discomfort on this move …

Press Statement and Statutory Declaration on Relationship between Najib and Altantuya

the most explosive news for today, thus far …

Malaysians Are Victims

Keeping the wider framework, we are operating in mind.

One of the main reasons this sorry set of circumstances exist is because legislative restrictions exist that affect our right to know and get credible information. Information remains in the realm of discretionary favours due to the more than 30 individual pieces of legislation that exist in our law books specifically meant to control the dissemination of information. Some of the more notorious ones include:

  • Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 (PDF)
    Gives the Home Minister absolute power to decide whom to give a publication permit, when to revoke or suspend the permit, what books to ban, forcing the mainstream newspapers to toe the official line and practice self-censorship
  • Official Secrets Act 1972 (PDF)
    Makes everything done in government departments a potential secret, depriving your right to know how your tax money is spent and whether government contracts are properly tendered
  • Sedition Act 1948 (PDF)
    Allows the government to silence critics on the grounds that they are fermenting hatred against the government and threatening social harmony
  • Internal Security Act 1960 (PDF)
    Allows the government to detain anyone without trial for an indefinite period of time under the guise of protecting national security (a lot of book seizures, especially religious books, were done under the power of this Act – including the cases last year which involved children’s books and Bibles)
  • Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 (PDF)
    Allows the concentration of broadcast media in the hand of a few well-connected or party-owned businesses.

Bursa outage, Emergency et al

Like it or not, it’s all linked …

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