Random Links 263 ("Keeping up" Malaysia Edition)

All the whores and the Uniten man could not put poor C4-ed Najib together again

Many of us are ignorant of court proceedings. Haris’ explanation clears the air. Thanks for answering the question lingering in some of our minds.

Anwar vs Najib, and the rest

These are indeed interesting times, we need a strong heart and a clear mind.

It’s an unchartered path for many of us, however I’m hoping that Malaysians are resilient enough to wade through this interesting period.

Rakyat are not stupid!

"Periods of interruptions" – a phrase we can all relate to now.

“Malicious lies,” says Najib, as temperature rises

While the morning is cool after the rain, one wonders how it will heaten up before noon.

Altantuya Murder – Najib should go on leave from his DPM duties until cleared of allegations in Balasubramaniam SD

As usual, Saudara Lim offers a proposal.

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