Random Thoughts after a pretty good Church History Class…


I’m looking forward to the final class two  weeks from now 🙂

I love the picture above – it has a cute looking dog and two words which describes me .. addiction and potatoes. 🙂

When questions are asked to make a link between history and today, I get energized.  The creative juices gets pumping.  I tend to not do so well with details, the big picture stuff excites me, the practical possibilities for the future as well.

While I love the study of history, it’s the future which wakes me up in the morning. And tomorrow looks like a pretty full day.  I wonder how can I manage?  But at least I know tomorrow will be memorable in many ways.

Getting back into some routine and rhythm has been better.  The needed sleep also makes a difference.  Food wise so so.  Health department still needs attention.  Promised Gareth we’ll have a swim on Thursday, I’m looking forward for that.

I’m re-gathering all my Bonhoeffer books whether the ones written by him or about him.  Just feel a nudge to explore deeper again.  I tend to be a wide reader and occasionally plunge in deeper.

The apple juice was so so… I want my orange juice.

Coffee hasn’t been so good the past few mornings. I wonder why? Taste buds aging?

Sleep early then wake up early? or sleep later and do some work? Hmmm ….

The class was good today, at least for me, covered some parts which I missed last session, and also I think gave the needed framework and key ideas without overloading in the details.  It’s been a massive learning curve for me too doing this class.  But rewarding.  I was so encouraged when the hands went up so quickly to do the next one after a break.  Wow!

Looks like I’ll go with sleep.  Then wake up earlier … finalize presentation and then off I go.  Fingers crossed (with some prayer) that all will go well.

Shall I reward myself after the full day with some chips? 🙂

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