13 Responses to Name Card 2008

  1. OKN says:

    Very snazzy indeed!

  2. Bob K says:

    Wah! Berlubang!

  3. Sivin says:

    OKN – wow, my limited vocab needed to check out what snazzy means! 🙂

    Bob K – That’s one way of looking at it, but it’s meant to look through it .. I’m sure you can guess where I’m heading with that.

  4. florenceloo says:

    Wow, cool card! Good way of starting a conversation – the cross (with a hole), when people ask about it.

  5. minishorts says:


  6. mysh says:

    cool. VERY cool =) makes a cool bookmark too. It’s Hole-y. heh =)

  7. rough_cut says:

    something out of the norm and creative

  8. Paul Long says:

    Holey card! 🙂

  9. Sivin says:

    florenceloo – you have put your finger on an important value for me, the need for conversation and interaction then the mere passing of information 🙂

    minishorts – remember hearing me saying stuff like … “we need to see life through the cross?”

    mysh – bookmark huh? I am a book worm.

    rough cut – many thanks to the designer on the out of the norm and creative bit. He’s the best in the industry!

    Paul Long – trying to be hole-listic mah!

  10. peiling says:

    gimme one! ’nuff said! 🙂

  11. Sivin says:

    peiling – it’s a limited edition and it’s going fast! 🙂

  12. Shiyane says:

    It’s good but I don’t really like crosses.

  13. AD says:

    Awesome design…one question, how did you cut out a design so neat? Were their any specific tools needed?

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