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Here’s some buzz in the response section, it would be nice to have more, then again maybe we are not controversial enough, or people want to be polite? 🙂

31. Jeremiah Liang (06/19/2008 01:36:52)
Christians Need to Engage In Online Discussions

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I agree that Christians should be more active in politics. I will go further to say that, post 8 March’08, all Malaysians are now empowered politicians who have a new voice: the voice of the ballot box and the voice of the Internet.
Msian Christians should also engage in intellectual and friendly discussions on various blogs so that we can come to a reasonable understanding with many of our fellow Moslem, or non-Christian citizens.
However, some churches are still cautious about taking a pro-active stance because they fear this will provoke the religious extremists and the racial-provocateurs.
Some even hold the view that the religious extemists are controlled by principalities and spiritual powers and there is no point in reasoning or talking to them.
Are’t we suppose to be the salt of the earth? And salt is meant to be as abundant as the sea?
(I welcome your views on the latest online controversy about PAS’s deputy chief’s proposal for Syariah laws for the PR states. Go to

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30. Alwyn (06/16/2008 18:28:48)
Negative income tax?

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Thanks, Mr Goh, for this sober assessment. What about the following idea from blogger John Lee?
If we really want to aid the common man, then just rebate the petroleum revenue to him, as the DAP has proposed. The most efficient welfare system is one which gives money to people to spend as they find necessary. When you give me a lump sum payment, under, say, a negative income tax policy, I can spend it not just on petrol, but on public transport, school uniforms, food, whatever. If I don’t have a car, I still benefit. Relative to a subsidy on petrol alone, a direct transfer payment is more efficient."

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29. Allen Tan (06/12/2008 21:34:38)
Malaysia changes because christians care

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Brother Steve I am the Allen Tan whom you know who stays in USJ.
Yes there should be no more reasons for Malaysian christians not to be politics oriented anymore. When christians voted against injustice, unrighteousness and corruptions, we saw the first electoral new wave in the 12th GE. Believe God for more waves to come.

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28. zewt (06/11/2008 01:00:12)
not forgotten

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I once chose to forget about Him, but He did not.

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27. Allen Tan (06/07/2008 08:56:31)
Stronghold of Johor

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There is a strongman controlling Johor by the name of "Self-righteousness". It is similar to the pharisee spirit. So christians you can come against the strongman in warefare praying.

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26. yapsir (06/06/2008 03:22:33)

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Dear TK Tan,
Time will tell,the christians have always been slow in their respond to issues.
But I have been encouraging my circle of contacts to register and make a full use of this site,and OHMSI.
Cheer to the works done in good spirit,God bless you all.

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