Ewan Kit’s 1st vimeo

Looks like I’ve found a new place to upload my videos 🙂

This is one where … "I noticed Ewan was more bubbly and chatty than usual. I think he was exploring the range of the kinds of sounds he could make :-)"


About Sivin Kit

man of one wife, father of four kids

2 thoughts on “Ewan Kit’s 1st vimeo

  1. Hi Sivin,
    Sorry, I am off the subject of your post. May I ask what are the advantages of vimeo over YouTube? Went to vimeo but couldn’t figure out. May want to move over too.

  2. Blogpastor – for me it’s the quality of the video… and the uploading seems to be
    better for higher definition videos.

    that’s my first impression.

    and second, it’s nice not to let you tube dominate.


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