Remember the Children


Nice to see our little event on Malaysiakini’s Events Classifieds … together with other important events 🙂

Civil Society

Two free publicity blog posts for tomorrow’s awareness talk at 4.30pm on preventing child sexual abuse by empowering communities. Thanks ladies!

To think of the children

A husband, to me, is something optional. What I do want, though, is kids.

If my situation was more stable I’d like being a single mother. But adoption in this country is tricky business and more so if you’re unmarried.

It’s a scary, dangerous world now to raise a child. So few now remember the poor children whose names and faces were plastered in the papers not too long ago. Children kidnapped, abused and murdered.

We can do nothing for the children who are gone from our sight and from our arms, but we can do something for the ones right here. To that end, a Protect and Save the Children Awareness Talk will be held at the Bangsar Lutheran Church on the 16th of August. No, it’s got nothing to do with religion but about what should be important to all Malaysians – the protection and welfare of our children.

Protect and Save the Children

My church BLC is doing one of the more creative things this Saturday. I can’t make it myself, but I hope others will be able to. It’s an awareness talk on protecting children from sexual abuse…

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