Malaysian for Free & Fair Election (MAFREL)

One of the best ways to be introduced to the "democratic" process is to volunteer as a polling and counting agent.  It’s not every thing, but it’s a start.  For those who want to plunge deeper, I guess volunteering and working with MAFREL would be a natural next step. I remember fondly the MAFREL representative I saw during the last March 8th Elections.


(photo from Susan Loone)

Tomorrow 26 August will be the polling day for Permatang Pauh, and I’m sure all the polling and counting agents will spring into play. But before that all those at MAFREL have already given us a glimpse of the build up to tomorrow. They will also be keeping their eyes and ears open during the voting process and after! When I saw a picture of a  friend sitting in front of his notebook seriously working for them 🙂 I found extra motivation to highlight their good work.  Check out the links below:

What a day it was!

Day 9 – One more day to polling

Smear campaign – police report lodged

Dr. Ng Yen Yen blatantly distributing money to senior voters

So, even though the acronym rhymes with MAFIA, … 🙂 MAFREL are the good guys here and keeps the message of Free and Fair Elections loud and clear before us! 

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