Random Links 281 ("Temperature Rising" Malaysia Edition)

Permatang Pauh: The end game

The opening photo makes me giggle. But seriously, we live in a crazy time.  And it’s not a joking matter.

IT has been a long, bruising battle, filled with attacks and parries of increasing intensity that seem straight out of Sun Tzu’s fabled Art of War. Every day has brought new, sometimes disturbing developments in the campaigning for the Permatang Pauh parliamentary by-election

The voters in this predominately rural Malay constituency, and the public at large, have been treated to a “dirty tricks” campaign that has thrown in everything but the kitchen sink. Take your pick from slander, swearing, sex, assaults and harassment, to allegations of electoral fraud, vote buying, a dubious doctoral degree, and even death threats.

Permatang Pauh and beyond

What an opening statement … 🙂

Barring massive electoral fraud, Anwar is one by-election and two weeks short of returning to Parliament.

Ustaz puts BN campaign in tatters

Anwar campaign undermines Saiful’s Quran oath

Fascinating how I got the news from bloggers on the ground first, and now reading the afterthoughts and tidied up versions. Times have changed.  We get really raw news, and then we get the published news. 🙂

Imam was ‘ordered’ to witness Saiful’s oath (videos)

Here’s a good example of what I’m talking about as far as "raw", equipped even with videos! And Chris Choong, I spotted you in a picture! Keep up the good work Mafrel!

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