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Inspired by Anil Netto’s post Eve of polling: Hopes of a nation… your thoughts, I was moved to leave some comments which is based on a google chat I had with a church member last Thursday.

Someone asked me the other night, “What does it mean to be a Malaysian?” I guess, what came out from me would also be relevant to your post here. Let me put up here some of my raw random thoughts.

To me, being a Malaysian means ..
… we have a chance to create a future together we can call home
… being a people who will bring our uniqueness and diversity not into a melting pot where we cease to be who we are but a mosaic where we can become better than we are in isolation
.. a mosaic where even our mess can be beautiful
because we’re willing to look into the future together
a future where we are creating a home for our kids to be friends and family

My hope is the votes tomorrow will be a way the friends and family in Permatang Pauh can voice for themselves and on behalf of others the aspiration and commitment towards a Malaysia ALL of us can call home.

My hope is the one who wins will persevere further towards the changes needed for a better Malaysia to emerge.

my 2 sen

Anyway, Vote wisely friends and family at Permatang Pauh! 🙂 God be with you …

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