Merdeka 2008 Update 1

Friends, we’re back and with a new date. October 10 (Friday) and 11 (Saturday).  We hope to gather friends and like-minded individuals, representatives of networks and even institutions who would like to have space to work through what is burning in our hearts, and bubbling in our heads all this while.


There is a certain open ended-ness (or "open source"-ness) in the agenda more so because we cannot orchestrate end results prematurely in times like today. But what we can do is to converge our individual efforts, cross-fertilize ideas, cultivate new networks, and work out baby steps forward together.

We worked out a basic framework we can all explore together … this is a chance also to affirm existing efforts as well as forge new ones. Shall we the Church in all it’s shapes and sizes, forms and functions … emerge from our slumber or sense of inadequacy … and converge towards a future together with all our unique gifts and contributions?


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