More than 8 years ago …

The photo is taken using my old Konica camera which I bought from my first seminary roommate. The date is 12 March 2000. And this is what the abandoned Father’s House and I looked like back then.


Technically, we should be celebrating the rebirth of BLC every 1 April because that’s when we first gathered at the bungalow I used to stay in Petaling Jaya.  If I recall correctly, we only managed to move back to 23, Jalan Abdullah after at least 3-4 months of renovation.

So, much has happened since.  Both May Chin and I have gone through so many changes as a couple, as a family, and of course, for me personally, tectonic shifts in my overall outlook in many spheres of life.

I’ve never regretted making that painful decision in the year 1999 to move on from where I was.  I can’t imagine what life and ministry would be like today if we didn’t risk the change.

For now, my heart is slowly gearing towards our 8th Anniversary Celebration at 2.30pm later at Chef and Brew.

Many thanks to those who’ve walked with us and alongside us. 

After all is said and done .

All praise belong to You, O God!


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