Eugene Peterson on the sacred-secular divide

Good stuff from VIDEO INTERVIEW WITH EUGENE PETERSON, he’s one guru that I’ve always desired fellow pilgrims, family and friends of BLC would tap into.  Much needed wisdom there.  So before a good night, have some supper for thought or to carry into your dreams 🙂 .

Give us your thoughts about the sacred-secular divide.

It’s a false distinction.  There is no secular-sacred divide.  And, there wasn’t until the 18th century.  It’s an enlightenment thing.  Martin Buber was a great Jewish writer, philosopher, theologian, and translator, and he spent much of his life fighting this distinction, trying to show the world how this was a false distinction.

It destroys people on both sides.

“Secular” people think they don’t have anything to do with God. “Sacred” people don’t think they have to deal with the world or anything that’s not God visibly. So it distorts from both sides. But we can recover. In fact, this is what the Christian faith, basically, is trying to do-recover the interpenetration of God into the way we live our lives.

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