Happy Birthday Gareth … 6 Years Old!

This will be Gareth’s final year in Kindergarten and moving to standard one next year.  So, I guess, this particular birthday celebration is kind of special.  To me all birthday celebrations have something special. 🙂

But for this one, we’ve started talking about it quite a few months ago . it’s fascinating to witness how aware Gareth is towards his own development.  He’s had a few mini accomplishments too which has made us all proud of him at home.  This includes a special prize for a school drawing competition, and also a number of more mature characteristics emerging in him. So, it’s both in the doing and being dimension.

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Gareth was very excited when May Chin and I arrived at his classroom door just before 10am.  Guess who skipped her school to join us! 🙂 The one and only, little dynamo Elysia Kit!

023 025

Elysia was a little impatient as usual,  but in Gareth’s school you have to follow their rules!  And this will be her school next year .

029 037

Everyone must finish class work first . the excitement continued to warm up!

046 052

The good old fashioned blackboard is ready!  Toilet time prelude .

058 073

Gareth is all set to go .. Elysia too!


A quick rare family picture when someone else holds the Canon A720IS . 🙂

083 096

Then Gareth with the girls, followed by the boys .

A wonderful out of tune heart felt rendition of the Happy Birthday song .

106 123

Gareth with his best friend . and also his girl friend who sits besides him in class.  Elysia felt a need to add spark in the photo.

126 136

Gareth chose the cake himself. Elysia as special guest got a special seat too .

The teacher gave a very affirming teachable moment based on Gareth’s party packs for his friends which included an apple – which is supposed to keep the doctor away. Good idea Gareth . well done!

179 186

The two superintendent teachers who helped Gareth a lot this year to cope in school life got a pleasant surprise too.  Both of them reminded me of my own teachers in the good old days!

198 202

As we left for home, Gareth made sure he gave a little party pack to his teacher from last years class.  He still talks about her very fondly.  Of course, before we head off home and lunch, Gareth pointed to the playground which has generated quite a few stories every time we drive him home from school.

All in all it was as a good day at school, for Gareth.. and the rest of us had a good time too!

Happy Birthday, Gareth . you are 6 years old now! Cool .

We love you . from Elysia, Ewan, Mummy and Papa .

and God’s many blessings come to you .

He knows your tender heart to him and everyone around you.

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