Authentic Spirituality


always stretches
toward the transforming
of our personal lives
and of the societies
in which we live, work, and play.

– Trevor Hudson and Stephen D. Bryant
The Way of Transforming Discipleship

(via Upper Room Daily Reflections)

I value authenticity, in fact when we were talking about the core values of Bangsar Lutheran Church in our early years this was an important word which captures what we want to be about.

But it goes beyond just personal authenticity that detest pretense.  As a follower of Christ, my interest stretches to what is mentioned in the quote above authentic Christian spirituality. A kind of spirituality which brings the changes needed into our lives, and happens in every sphere of our living. Whether work or play, waking or sleeping, mating or eating, all of us bringing into contact with all of God and how he relates to us at a level we can handle.

It’s transformation which ignites our imagination in the better, mature, integrated , lively and may I even say godlier person we can turn into.  A kind of transformation which leads to all of us can plough in to cultivate an environment where it’s more enjoyable to live in, better to work in and safer to play too!

I value authenticity for us as humans. how else can we live?  or should we live?  And I believe the best of authentic Christian spirituality should enhance and enrich our being human.  That would be good. 🙂 It’s time to replace the stereotype of rigid self-interested hypocritical (and also hypercritical!) religion with something better .. anyone wanna join?

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