Happy Birthday Ewan Kit Kye Ren!

Wow! Time really flies and today Ewan will be celebrating his one year old birthday! They say each child is unique , and whoever they are, they are right! Sometimes I wonder whether he will be the academic of the family, with Gareth so far demonstrating the artistic gene more, and Elysia oozing with activism in her stride, it may be too early to tell but sometimes when I look at Ewan’s look that is what comes to mind 🙂 No pressure kid, you made it to the first year, many more to go, enjoy first .


Ewan looks at you with inquisitive eyes, he knows when to really chill out as you can see above and that laugh lifts up your spirit to join his joy, and offers a smile which melts your heart. He’s got an interesting pitch when he cries, and while he’s a light sleeper, when he does really rest it’s amazingly restful for busy, distracted, tired, and drained out observers 🙂

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Ewan is truly a gift from God to us . and my prayer can do our very best to be parents and family to him, providing him a safe and secure environment of love to be nurtured.  He was born into a world of rapid change and uncertainty, we will have many stories to tell as he grows up not just of his personal adventures but also the more public wider context which he lived through even for this year alone.

Imagine even for Malaysia, I would be proud to tell him the amazing BERSIH November 10 event happened one day after he was born ( I would agree that the rally together with the Bar Council’s 26 September “Walk for Justice” and Hindraf’s 25 November protest rally last year – paved the way for the political tsunami on 8 March 2008).  In fact, he came home from the hospital on that day which is part of the reason I was at home getting sms and phone updates while church members and friends were walking to the royal palace for his future, OUR common future.


I can see that Ewan has so much potential in him, there should be endless possibilities before him as he steps into the one year old phase and many more steps to come in his “thousand mile” journey! And I hope and pray as well as will work for not only a home that he can be nourished and flourish as part of the Kit family, but may God help us contribute to the wider “home” of the Malaysian and Global family where ALL can flourish with life and life in abundance!

Happy Birthday, Ewan Kit Kye Ren!


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