Looking forward to the new year 2009?

Elysia is not feeling well right now.  So she’s not her bubbly self like in the video above (which I took in 2007).  It was a fun and cute moment captured on my old Canon A70.

The year 2008 seems to be coming to an end very quickly.  I wonder whether we really for forward to what’s ahead in 2009.  I suppose we don’t know what to really expect.  How about hope for the best but prepare for the worst? 🙂

Whenever I’m tempted to be more cynical than I should be, I watch videos like this one to remind myself of the wonder of being childlike and not losing the innocence we need to remain human.  I’m not talking about naivety or being ignorant.  I’m talking about hearts that remaining soft and tender open to new discoveries and hopeful surprises even after brutal setbacks and disappointments.

Even for a bubbly energetic Elysia, she has her down times too.  Times when she is not singing her usual songs.  But then, unlike many of us she doesn’t stay there too long. The tune is still humming somewhere and waiting for her to return to normal and then we her music from her again.

Get well soon Elysia. 🙂 Get well soon all those who are sick . or those who have lost their song to sing.

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