A Simple Christmas at Bangsar Lutheran Church

For me, this has been a simple and yet meaningful Christmas. And there are many reasons to say that.  The church decorations were just right not too much compared to the glamorous displays in the malls,

The worship liturgy was not flowery but with childlike trust.  The “offerings” (presentations) by the children, the carolers, and a duet were not professionally perfect but sincere.

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As I shared the message based on John 1:1-14, our new “friends” whom we met recently was close to my heart and their stories deeply ingrained in my head. They helped me appreciate the significance of what “giving presence” means, and how that related to God’s unique and ultimate giving of himself through the person of Jesus Christ. It’s going to take a life time for us to allow the following sentence to unpack its treasures full of grace and truth.

God did not send us an SMS, God sent us his Son.

Indeed, we can only but sing Hallelujah! with those who’ve gone before us, those with us and around us, and All of creation humbled, surprised and amazed.

Once again blessed Christmas – from all of us from Bangsar Lutheran Church.

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