COMPLETE Sunday January 18 Program

I still have not managed to sit down to share my experience in being part of the process which leads to the event on Sunday.  There’s still so much to do especially for our “booth” on reflective, honest and yet hopeful Christian responses.

Some of us will be there in the morning, while I hope to be there at least by 12.30pm until the end. Come and join us, bring along friends. The line up of speakers and the topics is fascinating.  I do request for us to come with a prayerful heart too as this event is to awaken any of us who have slipped into a slumbering mode of living.  I know there are also many other countries who need our attention too, e.g. Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, etc.  And let’s not forget our own nation as well. 

One thing at a time.  For this Sunday, let’s focus on the Middle East and the Palestinians specifically. We want to honestly acknowledge the despair in the eyes of all plagued by the cycle of violence, and yet working hard to break free from that dead end and move towards a life where there is hope for the future for ALL . starting with ourselves.


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