Stop the Clash of Civilizations

This video has been viewed more than 2.5 million times across nine different language versions, was voted YouTube’s Political Video of the Year for 2007. We can make the relevant adaptations in our own context here and now.

We’re in 2009 and it’s still so relevant.  Some of us might throw up our hands when it comes to changing policy in the short term, but then we can begin by changing perceptions first and that itself is an important first step.

We’re working hard on our “Christian response” booth for Sunday which hopes to contribute towards seeds of peace and hope not only far away but even here.

I’m reading up as much as I can so I can be of some help at a FAQ corner with Zabrina and friends.

Join us at Bangsar Sport’s Complex January 18, Sunday 10am – 5pm.

Join Catholic Priest Mgr Manuel Musallam in prayer who prays this prayer every hour.

"God of peace, give our country peace;

God of mercy, give our country mercy."


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