What motivates you, Father O.C. Lim?

"Our country enters the phase of naked display of aggression. When a regime is morally bankrupt it will use immoral means to hold on to power. We might be weak but we still have the power of prayer & silent witnessing. . The unjust may break our bones but they can’t break our spirit. " – Father O.C. Lim

These words spoken by the Rev. Father O.C. Lim. S.J. last year have become a spiritual guide in my own reflection and practice as a Christian and pastor.

Today, I’m glad we had a chance to speak a little bit more in depth when we were present with many others to be in solidarity with 21 charged with illegal assembly.

Father O.C. Lim was given a chance to comment in an interview with Malaysiakini.

After that, I took the golden opportunity to do a short interview myself asking Father O.C. Lim, what motivates him in the core of his being where he draws strength and resources to do what he does in speaking up for justice.


While there maybe needs and issues which call us to respond to different situations, and often these become the common ground in which many of us converge and join efforts for the common good.  What interests me is apart from that starting point which is more visible to others, how about the less visible and often more central place where we which is unapologetically part and parcel of our who we are? 

I started with the question with a “What” focus, but Father O.C.Lim answered by reframing the question to focus on  “Who” motivates him.  And who he talked about motivates me too. Thanks for affirming that Father O.C and your words continue to challenge us all to be more faithful to the One who has called us to follow him.

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8 Responses to What motivates you, Father O.C. Lim?

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  2. Bob K says:

    Fr. OC Lim said:

    Take Jesus away and I’ll be a coward

    Wow .. I am sure there are quite a few of us who can identify with that.

  3. Pat Lu says:

    Bob, count me in! 😀

    Pastor Sivin, thanks for this insightful video.

    “Christ has no body now on earth but yours,
    no hands but yours, no feet but yours,
    Yours are the eyes through which to look out
    Christ’s compassion to the world
    Yours are the feet with which he is to go about
    doing good;
    Yours are the hands with which he is to bless men now.”

    “Let nothing disturb you.
    Let nothing frighten you.
    All things pass away.
    God never changes.
    Patience obtains everything.
    Whoever has God lacks nothing.
    God alone suffices.”

    Both poems above are by St. Teresa of Avila.

    Ultimately, we just do our best for our fellowmen as Jesus did and TRUST GOD to do the rest. Amen. 🙂

  4. Collin Michael Nunis says:


    you finally caught the man!

  5. Sivin says:

    Thanks San Juin for linking.

    Bob K – i think it’s more than a few of us!

    Pat – You are right, trust must not be forgotten while we choose to be faithful in small and bigger ways.

    Collin – I’ve finally begun!

  6. Collin Michael Nunis says:


    meet your “father”. To Fr. OC, I must mention to him “meet your ‘son'”. 😛

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  8. LChuah says:

    Father OC’s use of the word “conscientize” is interesting – Paulo Freire would be pleased! And in keeping with Paulo’s thoughts, OC’s way of reaching and sharing the people’s thoughts and experiences is in the best traditions of dialogism. His is a good example of working and talking WITH the people and not TO or only FOR the people. A real hero, a true Malaysian, and an exemplary Christian.

    And thanks, Sivin, for airing the video and events.

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