Led in the Life of Faith


GOD’S ABUNDANT GRACE is a gift for which I give thanks. My life is blessed, not because I am good but because God has led me in the life of faith.

– Don Beisswenger
Locked Up: Letters and Papers of a Prisoner of Conscience

(via Upper Room Daily Reflections)

There are many hats I wear, sometimes too many, and the roles I slip into requires me to be a leader in different ways. That’s what is most visible to the public eye. It’s in moments like now as I ponder on the words in the quotation above, I’m led back again into the fact that God is the ultimate leader of my life. And it’s important for me to pause and dwell deeply on this truth once again.

I do feel very blessed today, more than a few times, especially when Ewan easily falls asleep on my chest as I hum quietly the scripture John 3:16. A song my mom sang to me when I was young to drift into sleep. A song I’ve sung over Gareth and Elysia.

I felt blessed when we were at the “bubble pool” (as the kids call it), Gareth and Elysia had their fun splashing around.

The prayer of thanksgiving (with a little intercession thrown in) by Elysia was a great blessing as it’s such a blessing to eat at home with May Chin’s simple home cooked health conscious meals 🙂

What a blessing when I could sit quietly this morning and now, and ponder on an episode in the Gospel of Mark, read a commentary by a Japanese Lutheran, and read the passages through her eyes, which resulted in a reading the Bible with others moment.

The blessing was overwhelming when we had our worship practice last night, especially having the chance to sit around in a circle to hear one another’s highs and lows, empathize with one’s grief, laugh with another’s comic moment, and at the end commit each other to Christ in prayer.

It’s good that even for a brief moment, we can pause and count some blessings. There are more surely, but even the little I mentioned has been most helpful, and most needful.

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