Ash Wednesday: The Beginning of Lent

(Music by Joseph Arthur. Cartoons by Si Smith)

We have so much fear in all of us. 

In the secret places of our hearts,

Only God and we know what is going on there.

Sometimes, we don’t even know ourselves

But we only know fear.

The fear of sin taking over our lives.

The fear of death and the unknown.

The fear of a future which looks dark and dim.

The fear of evil and  wicked forces pounding us again and again.

We can’t run away from facing all these fears,

But we hear a call to walk – walk by faith.

Faith in someone who sees us just as we are,

and promises to lead us where we should really be.

He’s done it before, and he’s still doing it today.

Join me to walk with Jesus the next 40 days,

together we can hear him say again,

“Do not Be afraid . . .

. . .  you are free!

You can be free in me

You can be free through me!”

About Sivin Kit

man of one wife, father of four kids
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4 Responses to Ash Wednesday: The Beginning of Lent

  1. Wes Roberts says:

    …thankful for you, Sivin!

    …grateful we travel together in God’s direction

    …prayers continue for you and yours

  2. Sigrun Berry says:

    I’m doing The Temptation for Sunday school this first Sunday of Lent. This visualisation would be great to show the kids.

  3. 王荣如 says:

    Just thought of crediting Si Smith for the stimulating art work 🙂

  4. Sivin Kit says:

    荣如 – Thanks. I’ve updated the post and credited the music too which I thought was thought provoking too!

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